Yohann Gozard

It all starts with the end of a long journey after which Yohann Gozard decides to devote himself to photography. He dissociates his work from the dream of distant destinations to focus on the re-enchantment of his direct environment, by car wandering and long time. Almost exclusively at night, his images are the recomposed captures of hallucinatory appearances around the roads. They stratify the experience of time stretching out, they build in generic and anonymous spaces singularly intimate landscapes. Because in the enveloping darkness of the night, no horizon: the light alone defines the range of the gaze and the visible space, recomposing at the option of the lampposts a few islands of isolated landscapes, as many dreamlike decorations, theater scenes, film sets and possible stories that arise in the routine banality of everyday landscapes to which we pay only residual attention and without desires.

Exhibitions at the gallery


Born in 1977 in Montluçon, Yohann Gozard lives and works between Sète and Annecy and teaches at MO.CO. ESBA in Montpellier After a course in Applied Arts in Nevers then Toulouse followed by a Master 2 in Audiovisual at the ESAV, he devoted himself to the visual arts, exploring in parallel the graphic arts then photography, which ultimately becomes the exclusive support of his creative work.


Paris Art, 2018

Midi Libre, novembre 2019
Olivier Raynaud, “Adge : l’art contemporain s’invite au lycée Loubatières”