Louise Tilleke

Louise Tilleke is Franco-Swedish of Sri Lankan origin by her father. She lives and works in Paris. Louise is self-taught.

His works are today in important collections, such as that of Jean-Paul Cluzel, Director of the Grand Palais in Paris (2009-2019), that of Bernard Massini (whose collection was presented to the Maeght Foundation), as well than that of Olivier Kaeppelin (former Director of the Maeght Foundation, Palais de Tokyo), and among others also, with 4 paintings, in the collection of Jean-Louis Costes, founder of the famous Costes establishments.

Until now, his work has been tinged with gray colors, different dark blues, black and white. “I work on committed subjects such as the preservation of our planet, social sleepwalking (based on the writings of Gabriel Tarde 1843-1904), and recently on Pope Francis via the prism of Saint Francis of Assisi, officially proclaimed Patron Celestial of Ecologists by Saint John Paul II, November 29, 1979 ”.

Currently working on a new series on the subject of loving energy, based on the writings of Albert Einstein, Louise Tilleke has also been chosen by the Italian luxury brand forte_forte, to work on the relationship between fashion and fashion. ‘art, by participating in a next collection. She also works on the representation of the wolf in society.



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