Richard Texier

Today he is widely regarded as one of the best living artists of his generation.
He began painting at a young age and his keen interest in the history of astronomy largely inspired the creation of his own personnel cosmography ; Theoria Sacra is a later excellent example of his passion.
Since 1992 he has created a number of sculpted works, most notably his bronze mythological animals which have contributed to his interpretation of the concept of hybridisation.
His current work is based on the Pantheo Vortex, an artistic exploration of the mystery and the beauty of the world. His works are to be found in numerous important public and private collections, both in France and abroad. Many major museums around the world have exhibited his work including the National museum of Taiwan, the National museum of Luxemburg, the Marine Museum in Paris, the Botanical museum of Brussels, the House of Culture Moscow and the Shanghai museum of Fine Art.



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