Barbara Schroeder

Choosing between figurative and abstract styles has never been a source of concern for Barbara. Whether she be working on murals, collages, still lifes or landscapes, her works develop quite naturally. What matters for her is that they express significance and emotion. The same is true for her memories of Patagonia, which have led her to experiment with very delicate, almost flimsy materials. Strips of mossy earth are attached to metallic oxide bases. A lone group of trees bent by the punishing wind, tiny animals that feed on lichen convey the immensity of the steppe. Overlaying this (again, a throwback to her collage period), are the outlines of two travellers in contemplation of the disc-shaped moon, a clear reference to the figures of Gaspard David Friedrich contemplating the sea or nightly celestial sphere in an encounter with the almighty power of the Divine that strengthens them in their belief in Redemption.

extrait, Robert Coustet
Professor of Art History at the Université Bordeaux II



Sud Ouest, octobre 2019
Maryan Charruau, “Le Mur de la honte et de l’attente de liberté”

L’Art Vues, 2018

Junkpage, décembre 2017
Cécile Broqua, “Dreamtime”