Antoine Schneck

Born in 1963, Antoine Schneck lives in Paris. From the start, the portrait appeals to him. His work develops in series, over the journeys, desires, projects, always under the sign of the encounter. In 2007, Antoine Schneck went to Burkina-Faso to stay in a small village. He returned with more than 300 portraits. He will then make series in China, India and recently in Mali. Sitting on a chair in a tent of white fabric, the subject stands out against a black background while Antoine Schneck, invisible, operates from the outside, a hole in the fabric letting the lens of his camera pass. Detached from their bodies, with no accessories whatsoever, these faces from the end of the world have the brute, expressive force of the mask with, in addition, the dimension of the human.



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“Près de Rennes, les photos d’Antoine Schneck interpellent”


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