Pierre Riba

Pierre Riba was born in Ardèche in 1935

First painter in the 60s and 70s, then designer, architect, illustrator … he then became interested in sculpture, and very quickly devoted himself to a material that seduced him with its plastic possibilities: fluted cardboard.

Cutting, assembling and shaping the cardboard sheets are the first stages of creation; the work is then dipped in the resin which hardens the material then it is covered with graphite: these are the explanations of a technique that Pierre Riba masters perfectly. Pierre Riba draws his strength from the break with this medium, which he inscribes in a new creative approach. To this material considered simple and arbitrary, the artist will give, through his creative genius, a new power; Using this material so commonly available, the artist will develop a deep and true work.

His constant and obsessive quest for the essential will lead him to sublimate each of his works in an art that is both raw and noble. Refusing the color, too seductive, the artist favors deep and velvety black; monochrome, brilliant like basalt, this black is that of the “unspoken”, of the abyss, of the “world of enigmas.” As for the shapes, deliberately rounded, close to the pebble, close to the megaliths, tend towards the archaic and the refined.

Pierre Riba is a pure sculptor of works that are both simple and essential, enigmatic and silent, intermediary between man and archaic forces, as if it were akin to the last vestiges of an unknown civilization.