Gérard Rancinan

Originally from the Bordeaux region, Gérard Rancinan was first of all a photographer for the press agency Sygma, of which he became one of the spearheads. Throughout this period he traveled the planet, often at the forefront, and became an involved witness to the jolts of the world. Natural disasters, civil or ethnic wars, urban riots, it touches as closely as possible the complexity of the human condition and the hazards that shape it. Very quickly independent by thirst for freedom and imperious need for expression, he reserves the right to reveal the challenges of our world, with brilliance, through the prism of a visual creation constantly reinvented.

He abolishes borders and is in turn a photographer for communication campaigns, investigator of great sagas on our news for the international press and portrait painter, where his photographs of athletes, artists, men of faith or power are become icons. His keen and sharp eye earns him awards and prizes, including four prestigious World Press. According to his field of predilection, in a voyage to the country of the Man, he becomes the enlightened observer of his contemporaries. This Gaze on the sidelines brings him to the field or to real scenes, real simulacra of our world.

Recognized worldwide, the work of Gérard Rancinan is exhibited in the most prestigious galleries and international museums and is part of major collections of contemporary art. He was named Knight of Arts and Letters.



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