Mohamed Lekleti

The works of Mohamed LEKLETI represent men, women and very real objects, and at first glance we will notice a graphic at the same time precise, virtuoso, energetic and even mind-blowing, within a theme: that of movement. On closer inspection, however, the subjects represented: bodies violently rolled up, rowdy women, monumental forms in imbalance, cycle launched in infernal races, all have nothing real but appearance, and seem to participate rather in a gigantic chaos. This is not trivial: the artist thus forces us to go beyond the visible and to enter a universe of nonsense, in constant struggle and imbalance, a real nightmare, just like the world in which we participate. Through his virtuosity, the artist recounts both the power and the fragility of life.



Mohamed Lekleti was born in Taza (Morocco). He obtained a deug in cinema and a master’s degree in plastic arts at the faculties of Aix en Provence. Based in Montpellier in 1987, Mohamed Lekleti regularly participates in major contemporary art fairs in France and abroad: Art Paris, Drawing now, Marrakech art fair, Slick, Art élysée, Akaa, 1.54, Volta Bâle…. winner in 2011 of the “chic drawing” contemporary drawing fair in Paris, he exhibited at the same time at the Palace of Fine Arts in Turin and in a few years became one of the references of contemporary drawing in France and Morocco. In 2013, he invested in the fortress of Salses (national monuments of France) where he questioned the notion of territory and borders. He was selected to take part in the Marrakech biennial in February 2016 (palm grove museum) and exhibited at the “Dominique Bagouet” art space in Montpellier a series of works around the tarot under the curatorship of Michel Enricci, critic of art, former director of the Maeght foundation and administrator of the Van Gogh foundation in Arles. He exhibits in parallel at the art center “l’ aspirateur “in Narbonne. In 2017, he produced an in situ work for the Blachère foundation as part of the “Flee” exhibition. In 2018, he exhibited at the Paul Paléry Museum in Sète and at the “Frissiras” Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens. In 2019, Mohamed Lekleti exhibited at the Institut du Monde Arabe and was recognized by the French magazine “L’Oeil” as one of the new virtuosos of contemporary drawing in France. Since 2000, his works have been exhibited in numerous galleries and places of contemporary art such as Brussels, Casablanca, Seoul, Doha, Nashville, Barcelona, ​​Geneva, Paris … and are present in foundations, museums and private collections, foundation Kamel Lazaar, Blachère Foundation, Al Quattan Foundation, Frissiras Museum, Macaal Museum, at the IMA Museum and at the center of contemporary art Acentmètresducentredumonde.

For fifteen years, alongside his personal work, Mohamed Lekleti has developed a work of ephemeral works which has been commissioned by cities such as Valence, Sète, Koblenz (the night of museums in Germany), Carcassonne. (in collaboration with the Museum of Fine Arts of Carcassonne), Lodéve (in collaboration with the Fleury Museum)…

“ Lekleti disassembles the world and reconstitutes it into new associations which modify our perception. Through drawing and mixed media, he diverts the chronophotography process dear to Étienne-Jules Mary or Eadweard Muybridge and analyzes the movement of beings and things. He favors the significant moment to better allow us to probe the invisible, which the eye does not perceive. Through the succession of drawn images and the multiplication of the parts of a reconstructable reality, he establishes something indeterminate which generates a sort of diffuse discomfort