Freedom, I cherish your name…

The artist Jofo likes to open up the frontiers of art, tirelessly creating on multiple supports, a universe inspired by the imagination of childhood. For 30 years, Jofo has faithfully painted and drawn stories embodied by a small round figure surrounded by black, with dazed and puzzled eyes “TOTO”, a familiar hero who looks like us and brings us together. Its childlike “clean” line, painted in flash acrylic, alone bears the mark of the artist’s personality.

Painter, designer, illustrator, poster designer, videographer, author and singer of the rock group “Snoc”, Jofo is the creator of a total and unique work, colorful and exhilarated that mixes art and life with strength and tenderness. Architect by training, Jofo retains a taste for observation, composition, linearity, strength and accuracy of the line. Interest in his urban environment inspires him: Jofo redraws his city, colors it, animates it through his heritage series.

Coming from free figuration and urban art, his work is linked to these trends by the references they borrow and the themes they tackle (media, rock’n’roll, love, sex, family, wars and other battles…). His taste for freedom, his boundless creativity, inspires him to express himself in multifaceted works, abundant, public and private, recognizable among all. But if the city represents the ideal playground for integration for a narrative, playful and communicative art, it becomes for Jofo the theater of a claimed freedom. In perpetual awakening, the artist feeds on the world around him, to reinterpret it in mischievous interrogative, whistleblower, provocative traits … However, this artist’s displayed desire to embellish sometimes too sad realities is, under the fire of the news, more salutary than ever. Jofo exhibits regularly, his works are part of numerous collections in France and abroad.

Exhibitions at the gallery


Sud Ouest, décembre 2018
Thomas Jonckeau, “Jofo : tous mes souvenirs de famille sont à Dax”

France Bleu, juin 2018
Rodolphe Martinez, Jean-Michel Plantey, “Jofo, plus de trente ans de succès artistiques à Bordeaux et dans le monde”