Jorge Enrique

Born in Havana in 1960, lives and works in Miami.

In my recent work, the images resulting from a new order obtained by juxtaposing the flashes of my daily visual reality – the marks and the urban landscapes that surround me. I walked the streets of the Wynwood neighborhood where I live in Miami. There, I took “fingerprints” directly on the spot. Back in my studio, I tore them apart and reassembled them, in search of a new meaning, a new reality. Deconstructing these images led me to a new visual order, a territory to explore, like the foundations of a new house. Chromatically, I continue my cycle, with a very controlled palette, made of few colors with very rich tones. Here, the narration is revealed as a series of information tapes, a film made up of these thousands of pieces of images, data and objects which surround us and which we have to process and then classify. This speaks to us about our time, the places we inhabit and invites us to consider our environment in a radically new approach.

Exhibitions at the gallery