Jacqueline Devreux

Born in Brussels in 1963

In 1986, she graduated in painting at the Institut Supérieur Saint-Luc in Brussels, she also studied photography at La Cambre. Jacqueline Devreux exhibited from 1996 in many Belgian galleries.

She “works around the mode of appearance of reality or illusion created by photography. She got into the spells of the photographic image so well, mimicing the processes so well that I think she almost doesn’t need to be in front of her any longer to produce her own. She has seized everything from the code that constitutes its power and manipulates it as she pleases, plays with its suggestive potential, its ability to plunge into time, to introduce discrepancies, nostalgia, regrets”, Pierre Loze (Association of artistic heritage, Belgium).

Her personal work become timeless and universal, it could be our family photos, our vacation photos, our class photos.

Exhibitions at the gallery


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