Dalila Dalléas Bouzar

Self-portrait, child portrait, hotel rooms and architecture drawings, child sculpture made of reinforced concrete, warrior penguins made of plaster, colors – green, umber, raw umber, burnt sienna, Prussian blue, cereleum, ultramarine, titanium white, zinc white, pink, flesh pink…
My painting is a quest for flesh pink. The pink of the skin, of the flesh. Im’ obsessed with pink.

Pink makes me think of cannibalism. Eating human flesh. Eating yourself. The taboo.

Since I started painting, I paint self-portraits, as if it were a statement, as if I had to convince myself that I exist.
Algerian, born from a construction worker father who immigrated to France, I used to admire art from afar. Painting, a supreme and sacred art to my eyes, has particularly always been taboo to me.

Through painting, I free myself. I free myself of my personal history and of the contemporary history of the world.

Drawing is my foundation, painting is my main field.



Jeune Afrique, novembre 2018
Nicolas Michel, “Le rose et le noir”

Art Interview, 2018
Fanny Revault, “Dalila Dalléas Bouzar”