Alain Ballereau

Alain Ballereau, contemporary French painter living in Midi-Pyrénées confirms over time the exceptional artistic quality of his work.

Through daily, regular work, he has developed a very rich palette. His painting is generous, marked by the gift of self, his doubts and uncertainties. Kraft, a modest material, is strengthened, it becomes an exceptional and solid material; Alain Ballereau manipulates it, folds it and brings it to life. The trunks make up and break down the perfect square.



Born in Paris in 1956. Graduated in 1978 from the National School of Applied Arts and Crafts of Paris surface plastic artist, option Wall Art. From 1988, he regularly exhibited his work in France and abroad. In 1991, moved to Tarn et Garonne to devote himself entirely to painting.


La Dépêche, 25 novembre 2016

“Cadours, les oeuvres d’Alain Ballereau exposées”


La Dépêche, 28 juillet 2015

“Verdun sur Garonne, le peintre Alain Ballereau expose”