Galerie D.X

Born in 1962, lives and works in Vendée – France.

When he touches the glass for the first time, Gauthier thinks and works this material differently. Since 1991 in his studio, with little respect towards protocols and techniques, he develops baroque, angular, and aggressive features. He breaks the glass but redoes it continuously, seemingly insatiable. In 2009, he frees himself from all technical constraints, designing and accomplishing his first sculpture “Matrice”. Confined to his desk, he calculates the materials’ resistance. Experiments on aluminium, stainless steel, and rubber. He spends more time engineering the metal than staying behind the furnace. From his research came about a flexible and articulated mechanism, assembled and disassembled to infinity. The moves are made possible, finished by the rigidity of the glass. And so, from this he imagined and created “L’armée sans ennemis”. 65 glass and aluminium sculptures. 65 pacifistic mutants, all different and unique. The theme (l’Armée") which came about from a lecture on J.Piccard the adventurer, discoverer of the unknown space abyssal submarine "La fosse des Mariannes". The emergence of a new civilization is raised quickly, influenced by comics such as Jodorowsky, Mattioli and Serpieri. A mad and ingenious project, in-between a dream and a comic book, it is performed. The artist, using the combination of glass and aluminium, distinguishes himself. The peculiarity of Gauthier’s creations offers also a perfect mastery of art : the glass and the mouth-blown crystal. We are witnessing this glass adventure, both for the history of these amphibian warriors as for the innovative spirit of their creator.

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