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Gwen Marseille, born in 1977. Lives and works in Bordeaux He elaborately draws moments stolen from the everyday life of men, women or children on large formats (214x145 cm) with graphite. In this sensual, slow, precise body to body drawing, there is room for ambiguity. "I draw the people around me. The almost hyper-real depiction is a direct reference to the photographic image. I present more or less evasive scenes, which are hidden from us and where the context is not necessarily decipherable. I like ambiguity : photo/drawing ; contemplation/voyeurism ; immodesty/indecency ; art/life. With uncertainty several subjective realities can coexist and the notion itself of reality is a victim of the illusion of its depiction." The strength of Gwen Marseille’s work is to cast doubt. He plays with our perception and our sensitivity.

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