D.X Gallery

Le Galerie D.X a le plaisir d'annoncer l'ouverture de son espace à Bordeaux

the 7th January 2010

Preview of the Kjeld Ulrich exhibition "Mirroring"

Kjeld Ulrich has lived and worked in Denmark since 2001. He depicts the world in his paintings by multiplying the techniques (inclusions, digital black and white photos printed on the canvas or stuck on, drawings…). The taille-douce technique influences his work as an artist. His paintings and aquatints exude a delicate perfume, an old-fashioned air, the fruit however of contemporary work. Kjeld Ulrich uses recurring subjects seemingly from another period: ever-present prettily disrobed women’s bodies, plants, sketches with voluptuous curves…

Version FR | EN Version — Translation Louise Jablonowska