Chérif & Geza, a couple of Franco-German artists, met in 2002 and immediately knew that they were going to work and live together. They create imaginary walls on wood, an iconoclastic and rebellious urban art, based on human tragedy and the complexity of being. They settle in Berlin where “The Spirit of the Wall” is born from their work on the remains of the Wall. Today, they create in tandem, each intervening on the other, accepting the destruction of their own creation until obtaining the “deserved effect”. From this creative exchange with 4 hands appears on large wooden panels their mural work: “imaginary wall fragments” from advertising posters, displays of election campaigns of successive layers of colors and messages from the street.



Junkpage, février 2020

Cécile Broqua, “The Wall”

Dépêche du midi, 30 avril 2017

Jean-Marc Guilbert, “Cherif et Gueza, deux plasticiens exposés aux côtés de Warhol et Basquiat”

L’indépendant, 31 juillet 2015

J.-M. C., “La liberté d’un mur imaginaire”